LW40C - My AT&T GoPhone card no longer works with my device.

The LW40C requires a 2G network.  Unfortunately, AT&T dropped their 2G network on 12/31/16.

However, we've found that T-Mobile is still supporting 2G until 2020 and verified their sim card works with the LW40C.

The T-Mobile sim starter kit is what we recommend.  Tobii Dynavox does not sell this card but it can be purchased from T-Mobile or anyone else that carries these cards on their behalf.  https://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/prepaid-phone/t-mobile-prepaid-3-in-1-sim-starter-kit?icid=WMD_PD_Q117BYODVR_9XRZU493P87464

If you need assistance activating the card, please contact T-Mobile for support.

Once the card is activated, Tobii Dynavox is happy to provide text messaging support on the device itself, though.

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