Instructions For Upgrading I-Series+ To Windows 10


What is Windows 10?
Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. They officially launched Windows 10 on 29 July 2015 on a range of new tablets and computers. In addition, Microsoft also offered a free Windows 10 upgrade for anyone running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 on their device. Accordingly this upgrade possibility also affects our devices, as previous generations of I-Series were working with Windows 7 and 8.1. Microsoft has meanwhile stopped the free upgrade to Windows 10 offer but has announced to continue to provide it for assistive technology devices like the I-Series, see Microsofts website (

On the front of the device you can find the product name. I-12+ and I-15+ indicate that your device is ready for Windows 10.
I-12 and I-15 without the “+” should not be upgraded to Windows 10.

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The back of the I-Series+ is silver and has a Tobii Dynavox logo engraved. The 1st generation I-Series is black on the back and shows the Tobii logo.

Do I have an open or locked I-Series+ device?
The possibility to have a locked device only exists in the North American market. These devices are delivered with limited connection functionality. The easiest way to find out if your devices is locked, is to open a web browser – if the browser opens and then closes immediately, your I-Series+ is a locked device. Please see the instructions below on how to upgrade your locked I-Series to Windows 10. All other markets have open I-Series+ devices.

How to upgrade?

Before upgrading your I-Series+ device to Windows 10, you have to run the Update Notifier. Having the latest Tobii Dynavox software installed will ensure a seamless and easy upgrading process. In addition, we also recommend making a backup of your Compass and/or Communicator data.
Time estimation
The time estimation of upgrading to Windows 10 differs and depends on when you will see the “Get Windows 10” notification popping up on your screen – indicating that Windows is ready to be updated. Until you receive this notification a few days might pass. As soon as the upgrading process starts, the installation may take several hours. A LAN connection is recommended for a faster installation process.

Upgrading an open I-Series+ device
We recommend to upgrade your open I-Series+ device from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, via Windows Update. Like described earlier, after you installed the latest Tobii Dynavox software through the Update Notifier, you will see a notification pop up on your screen saying “Get Windows 10”. It might take a few days to see this notification pop up. Once you clicked on it, just follow through the process.
When the Windows upgrading is done, all of the Tobii Dynavox software is ready to use. However, issues worth mentioning are:

•    Skype pageset unable to use the Call button
•    Default PDF reader is not Adobe

Work around: User has to choose manually the default reader.

Upgrading a locked I-Series+ device
Users who have a locked device (only US) and wish to upgrade their I-Series+, have to purchase the unlocking before upgrading. If you want to unlock your device, please send a request to Tobii Dynavox Customer Service. This is the only way to upgrade locked devices to Windows 10.

Please note that during repair we are not able to install Windows 10 on devices that have been sold with Windows 8.1, even if you upgraded your I-Series+ to Windows 10 already. In case a software re-installation is required, we will have to re-install your device with the original Windows 8 deploy. This is due to license and hardware certification rules from Microsoft. You can however upgrade your device again to Windows 10 after the repair as described in this instruction.

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