Indi with Communicator 5 - Swifty Settings

You can use a Swifty switch interface to connect a switch to the Indi device for use with the Communicator 5 software.
--Plug the Swifty into a USB micro-to-standard adapter (Usb On-the-Go)

Here are the settings on the Swifty that work with this application:
NOTE - dip switch settings on the Swifty
           -  look at the dip switches on the Swifty, and make sure that the USB connector is pointing to the left.
           -  ON = dip switch UP, OFF = dip switch DOWN

SWIFTY dip switch settings for ONE SWITCH

Communicator settings:
--make sure that the software is responding to Keyboard/Enter
a)Open Menu, go to Advanced Settings
b)Select Input Method, set to Scanning, and select Switch Scanning Settings
c)Select Use keyboard as switch, and make sure that Key 1 is enter and Key 2 is Space
d)Select OK, then OK again
e)Select X to leave the Advanced Settings window

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