Indi and Blue 2 (AbleNet) bluetooth switch adapter

The Blue 2 wireless Bluetooth switch from AbleNet
provides a one or two switch scanning input device to the Indi running Snap + Core First.
  1.  Using Windows, pair the Blue 2 to the Indi in the normal way. Once the pairing is nearly complete, Windows may say that it is doing some "extra" setup, please wait the extra approximately 1 minute until this is complete.
  2.  The keystroke equivalents of the Blue 2 when set to Mode 1 are Space (for switch 1) and Enter (for switch 2)
  3. The default keystroke equivalents of Snap are the same as the above. However, it is best to double check that they have not been adjusted.
  4.  In Snap, select the Edit button.
  5. Select User.
  6. Select Access Method.
  7. Under Access Method, select the right pointing arrow located at the right of the screen.
  8. Select Scanning.
  9. Select the left pointing arrow located to the left of Access Method.
  10. Select either 1 Switch Auto scan or 2 Switch Step Scan.
  11. Under Switch Options, configure the keystroke equivalents to be Space (for switch 1) and if necessary Enter (for switch 2).
  12. Make any other scanning settings adjustments necessary at this time.
  13. Select done in the upper right corner of the screen.
 The settings are now complete and the Blue 2 should provide a wireless switch input access solution.

The Blue2 Bluetooth switch manual can be downloaded here.

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