How to perform a factory reset on I-Series+

(Please note: Tobii will not assume responsibility for lost data. To prevent the permanent loss of data during the update process, be sure to create a separate backup of the data you wish to save.)


Factory Reset on an I-Series+ 

1)      Select the Windows button on the Desktop (typically found on the bottom left corner)

2)      Select This PC

3)      Double click on OS Disk C

4)      Double Click on Program files (x86)

5)      Double click on Tobii Dynavox

6)      Double Click on Factory Reset Tool

7)      Right click on Factory Reset

8)      Select Run with PowerShell

9)      Select Factory Reset

Please note the reset will take around 45 mins.  


Now the C:-drive is formatted and restored to the state in which it was shipped from TobiiDynavox.

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