How to add IR Codes to buttons in Communicator 5

​​​​​​Create the page layout you require for your remote control.
Think about how and where you place your buttons to help the user understand the function such as the direction of a toy.

In this example the buttons market with a red crossed out eye icon will be invisible in play mode. This helps with spacing around buttons and also removed buttons that have no function. 

How to make a button invisible: 
1. Select the button you wish to make invisible
2. Right Click
3. Select "buttons"
4. Select "Hidden"
For speed of editing, multiple buttons can be selected at once and these steps applied.

To add an IR signal to a button:
1. Select the button you wish to add a signal to
2. Right Click
3. Select Button Action

1. Select IR Tab
2. Select IR Command
3. Select Page set from the dropdown menu
4. Select Record New IR command
5. Follow the onscreen instructions.
6. Once the IR code has been captured you will see code in the IR data box. 
7 Select OK to finish. 

Check your user manual for location of IR receiver. 

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