How long will Tobii Dynavox repair a device for?

Repair Policy on Older Speech Generating Devices or Other Hardware Products.

This policy encompasses all products marketed and sold by Tobii Dynavox or previously by Dynavox Systems or Tobii ATI. 
No Repairs Beyond Device Useful Lifetime
Tobii Dynavox Repair Facilities will not perform in-house repairs on individual devices once the unit has passed its useful lifetime as identified in the company’s Medical Device Lifetime, History, Records & Equipment Tracking Procedure (SOP-0090).  This is calculated from the device’s original date of shipment identified in the individual device record by its unique serial number.  Repair Authorizations will not be given for these units.
Medical Device Lifetime
For devices sold or marketed as Medical Devices the projected useful lifetime is 5 years. All devices developed, marketed, and introduced (started shipping to customers) prior to December 31, 2017.  This includes but is not limited to:
  • Tango
  • Series 5: V and Vmax Plus or Dual Core
  • M3 and M3 Max
  • DynaWrite 2
  • C-Series models: C-8, C-12, C-15
  • Xpress
  • Maestro or Maestro Dual Core
  • Eyemax
  • I-Series Devices: I-12 and I-15
  • T Series Devices: T10, T7 and T15
  • Indi
  • I-110
Exception: The following devices have a useful lifetime of 3 years:
note: these are not currently marketed in North America as Medical Device but are considered Assistive Technology and may be marketed as Medical in other locations.
  • PCEye Products, including PCEyeGo, PCEye Explore, PCEye Mini and PCEye Plus
  • Eye Mobile, EyeMobile Mini or EyeMobile Plus
  • M-8
Note: The company may still be repairing newer units from the same product series, but due to age, repair ability and part inventory, the company will no longer repair an individual unit beyond the device’s useful lifetime.


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