How do you increase the size of Mouseless Browsing link numbers in Firefox?

Communicator 5 on an I-Series includes the Mouseless Browsing plugin, which provides numbers next to clickable links for users to select. This can be useful for eye gaze users not proficient with Windows Control, but on occasion the size of the link numbers will need to be increased.

These instructions only apply to the Mouseless Browsing plugin included with Firefox on an I-Series.

  1. Click the Firefox tab in the upper left corner when Firefox is open
  2. Choose Add-ons > Extensions.
  3. Under Mouseless browsing, click the Options button.
  4. Choose the Styles Tab.
  5. In the text box below "Style for id span", there are several different settings. Look for "font-size:xx-small", and change it to the size you prefer. For example, you can use "font-size:medium" or "font-size:large", or if you want the links to be extra big, "font-size:xx-large". There is a small Preview window in the same window so that you can easily see what it looks like.
    • There are several options listed under the style box. Be sure you are only modifying the font-size. If you accidentally modify something you don't mean to modify, you can click the Restore Defaults button to bring it back to default.
  6. In the text box below "Style for frame id span", choose the same size as in "Style for id span".
  7. When you have chosen the size you want, click "OK" button.


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