How do I set up E-mail in Communicator 5?

  1. Open the quick menu (touch and hold anywhere on the screen, right click if you are using a mouse, or select Ctrl +M on the keyboard).
  2. Select Advanced Settings.
  3. Select the Applications tab.
  4. Select the email button.
  5. Select new and then choose your email provider. (If you email provider is not listed, you should choose the configure manually option. If you need help filling in the information, contact your email provider to get the correct server information.
  6. Select Next.
  7. Enter your name, email address, and password (same password as you use to sign into your email).
  8. Select Next.
  9. Select Finish.
To access email, you will need to have access to an email page set from your home page.
  1. To add an email page, open the quick menu.
  2. Select the All Page Sets button.
  3. Select Text Communication.
  4. Select Long Distance Communication.
  5. Select an email page that best meets your needs.
  6. Use the functions available on the email page to manage, send, and receive email messages. 

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