How do I create new activities and edit existing activities in Boardmaker Online?

You can use the Boardmaker Online Editor to create new activities or edit existing activities.  New activities can be created either “from scratch,” or by using one of the included templates.  You may edit activities that you have made, uploaded from previous versions of Boardmaker software, or added to your account from the Boardmaker Online Community.
Why? You can create customized boards and activities or edit existing ones to meet the specific needs of your students.
The following information will be covered in this section:

  • Creating a board from scratch.
  • Creating a board using a template.
  • Editing an existing board or activity. 

Creating a board or activity from scratch:

  1. Scroll down to the Get Started area on your Boardmaker Online Homepage, select Create Activities.
  2. Select New Blank Activity.
  3. Select the Button Tool from the toolbar and click and drag your cursor on the workspace to draw the button.
  4. Click and drag the button handles to resize the button.  Click in the center of the button and drag the button to the desired place on the page.
  5. To duplicate the button, click on the Spray Tool in the toolbar. 
  6. Place your mouse cursor on the existing button on the page. Click and drag across the page to spray a grid of buttons. NOTE:  You may spray buttons in single rows or columns as well. Click in the original button and drag the cursor in any direction.
  7. Buttons are populated one at a time.  Click on the first button in the grid.
  8. Type a label using your computer keyboard. Select Enter/Return on your keyboard. 
  9. Click on the desired symbol, then click Select.  NOTE:  This procedure is called Edit-in-Place.  Type the label, hit enter/run on a keyboard, select the symbol, and click select.
  10. Repeat steps 9 – 10 to populate additional buttons.
  11. You may use digital symbols from a web search or symbols from your computer in buttons as well.  To use symbols from a web search, begin edit-in-place as in #8 above.  Select a button, type a label, and Enter/Return.
  12. On the symbols panel, select the Web Search tab.  Then click in search box to highlight and Enter.
  13. Click on the digital image you want and click Select.
  14. To use symbols stored on your computer or a USB drive, begin edit-in-place in in #8 above.  Select a button, type a label, and Enter. On the symbols panel, select Browse to locate the symbol.
  15. Navigate to the symbol, select it, and click Open.  
  16. To save your work, Select File > Save As.  Name your activity and the Select Save.  The board or activity will now appear in your My Activities list.

Creating a board or activity from a template:

A template provides the structure of the activity, including the actions that make an activity interactive on a computer, smart board, or tablet. You just populate the buttons with the content you need. Some templates require that you fill in the buttons (Edit in Place), while others require that you fill in a table (Table-based).   For most templates, you will find instructions within the template in edit mode. To create from either type, begin as follows: 
  1. Select Create Activities from your Boardmaker Online Homepage.
  2. To choose a template you may narrow by Activity Type by selecting a category from the list.  You may alternatively enter key words in the search box to locate a specific template.  
    • Print:  this icon indicates that the template is designed to create an activity that will be printed.
    • Interactive: indicates that the template is designed to create an activity that will be played onscreen.
    • Performance-enabled: indicates that the template is interactive and will collect performance data when played from a student’s assignment list. 
  3. To view a completed sample of any template, Click Show Sample below the template thumbnail.
  4. To begin creating your activity from the template, Click Select below the template thumbnail.
  5. If the template is an Edit in Place template, directions for completing the template will be visible on the template in edit mode. Follow the directions to complete the activity.
    • Select any button and type in a label. Select Enter/Return on your keyboard. 
    • Click on the desired symbol and click Select.  This process is called edit-in-place.  NOTE:  You can also click on the Web Search tab to find and use a digital image.
    • Repeat steps a and b to fill in all buttons on the template.  Note: Category labels are also populated with edit-in-place.
    • Select File > Save As and name your activity.  Then Select Save. The activity will now be available in your My Activities list.
  6. If the template is a Table-based template, the Activity Settings chart will appear when you select the template from Create Activity From… Page. 
    • Double-click Table to open the Table Variable Editor to fill in the activity content.  Use the additional values to modify activity settings from default settings if desired.
    • Double click <Blank Text Variable> in the first column and type your first label.
    • Double click <Blank Symbol Variable> and type in term for symbol search.  NOTE:  View the populated sample of the template to determine which fields are relevant for your activity.
    • Repeat this process to complete the table.  Select OK when complete.
    • Select Save.  Note: The activity will save with the template name.  To rename the activity, select File > Save As and enter the new name. 

Editing an existing board or activity:

  1. Select the My Boardmaker menu button.
  2. Scroll to locate a board or activity in the My Activities list that you would like to edit.
  3. Select the Edit Activity button in the toolbar beside the activity. 
  4. If you are using a Windows operating system and have Studio downloaded, choose whether you would like to edit the activity in the Online Editor or in Studio. (see Editing in Studio tutorial). A separate window will open the activity in the Boardmaker Online Editor.   
  5. Click on an object (e.g., symbol, label, button, etc.) you would like to edit.  The red lines around the object let you know that it has been selected.
  6. Use Edit in Place or scroll and select within the Properties Panel to make the desired changes.  The options you have available in the Properties Panel will be dependent on the object that you have selected on the page.
  7. Select File > Save As (if you would like to rename) or Save.  The edited activity will be available in your My Activities list.
To access the pdf version of this article which includes screenshots, click here.

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