How do I create a symbol category in Boardmaker Version 6?

You can create up to 28 custom user categories. Creating your own symbol categories allows you to search/view groups of symbols you use frequently.

  1. Locate a symbol In the Symbol Finder that will be included in your new category.   
  2. Click on the Change Symbol Names button.
  3. Click on the Assign Categories button.
  4. Click on Show My Categories.
  5. Check the Unlock Category Names box so the names can be edited.
  6. Type a name for your new category in an available user category
  7. Check the new category to assign the current symbol to that category.
  8. Click on the OK button when finished.
  9. Click on the OK button.
  10. Locate and assign each appropriate symbol to your new category.
Note: Plan your user categories carefully. There are only 28 user categories. Assigning symbols to a new category is time consuming. If you use all 28 categories and then have to change an existing user category, you will have to remove the unwanted category from all the symbols that were assigned to it before you change its name and start adding the new category to the correct symbols.

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