How do I change the F12 switch trigger key to a different key?

There have been known issues with using a Bluetooth switch with Windows Control in a web browser.  The issue is that the switch emulates an F12 on the keyboard.  In most web browsers F12 is reserved to open the browser's developer tools.  

If you are using eye control with switch in Windows Control to browse the web you will need to change the trigger.  Doing so is a bit technical so if you are unable to follow the steps below, please contact technical support.

  1. In task manager, end the task for Windows Control
  2. Edit %appdata%/Tobii Dynavox/Gaze Selection/settings.xml
  3. Look for KeyboardSwitchTriggerKey.  It should be set to F12.  Change it to whatever key you need.
  4. In task manager end the Task for anything that has Tobii in it.
  5. Go to %programdata%/Tobii Dynavox/Gaze Interaction/Server/Settings
  6. Edit ServerSettings.xml and UserProfiles.xml
  7. Look for SwitchKeyActivation then under it Key.  Change whatever is after Key to the key you need.
  8. Also look for KeyboardSwitchTriggerKey.  Change whatever is after that to the key you need.

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