How do I add IR commands to a buttons in TD Snap.

To program an IR in TD Snap, follow these steps:

  1. On the page you wish to add IR signals, select the edit tool. 
  2. Select the button you wish to add the IR Signal to.
  3. In Actions, select Add Action 
  4. Select Send IR Signal 
  5. Select Record:
  6. Complete the onscreen instructions:
    1. Snap will prompt you to hold the remote up to the IR sensor on the device.  Follow the diagram and onscreen instructions, then press Record on the device.  It will prompt you to press the corresponding button on the remote.
  7. Your command is now programmed. 
  8. Repeat for any other buttons you wish to program. 
  9. Press Done to save you changes.

Please note that our devices are only compatible with Infrared (IR) remotes. 

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