How can I hide the modify button in Compass?

How can I hide the modify button in Compass?
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  1. Access the settings menu and select the editor
  2. Select the page. If you select a button first you can select the edit from the tools across the top and choose Select Parent. Keep selecting parent until the whole page is selected.
  3. Select the Red properties icon to edit
  4. Select the Actions area.
  5. In the search area for actions, type modify and select the magnify glass
  6. Select the SetModifyButtonHidden(value) action
  7. Select the true option when the Boolean Value popup opens and then the Green OK
  8. If the action you just added did not show up as the first action in the list use the Move up option to move it to the top of the list
  9. Select the Green Done option
  10. Select Exit
  11. Select the Yes to save your page.
To bring the modify and settings popup back, tap the screen 3 times in the upper most right corner

In this example the Masterpage pageset was used.

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