How can I get my Swifty to work with Snap + Core First on the Indi?

In order to get the Swifty USB switch interface to work with Snap on an Indi you will need to change settings both on the Swifty and in Snap + Core First.

First, unplug the Swifty.  Set the first dip switch to ON (in the up position).  Set the rest of the dip switches OFF (in the down position).

In Snap + Core First you must set up Switch 1 to Enter and Switch 2 to Space.

  1. Select the settings button.
  2. Select User
  3. Choose Access Method.
  4. If the Access Method is not already set to Scanning, change it to Scanning.
  5. Select Scan type
  6. Choose 1 Switch Autoscan or 2 Switch Step Scan
  7. Select Switch 1 Input and choose Enter.
  8. If you are using 1 Switch Autoscan you can select Done.  If you are using 2 Switch Step Scan go back and choose Switch 2 Input.  Choose Space then Done.
Now you can plug in the Swifty and scanning should work.

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