Improve a calibration

Sometimes a calibration is completed, but it still feels “off” to the user (i.e. the button that the communicator is dwelling on isn’t being selected).

Improve the calibration in Windows Control or Gaze Point

Improve the calibration in Tobii Gaze Interaction Software

Improve the calibration in any other software

Improve the calibration in Windows Control or Gaze Point

In this software, you can improve the calibration by adding calibration points from a new calibration into your existing calibration by pressing the "Recalibrate" button. It can e.g. be good to make one calibration in a dark room and combine that with a calibration in a bright room to get a calibration that are stable over different lighting conditions.

Improve the calibration in Tobii Gaze Interaction Software

In the image below, notice how there are some lines coming out of the circles. The circles with a lot of lines or long lines are likely negatively impacting the calibration. These points can be improved by selecting the point(s), and then selecting Improve Points.

  If you are using any other Tobii Dynavox software

 If the software you are using does not support to improve calibration you can do the improvements in one of the software mention above and use that calibration profile in the software you want to use. 

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