How to get a good calibration


  • The screen of the device should be parallel to the users face.
  • The device should be 18-24 inches (45-60 cm) away from the users face.
  • See image below to help with positioning the device relative to the users face.

  • All our software has a feature called Track Status to determine the optimal distance and angel the users face should be from the eye gaze device. Use it to check the position of the user vs the eye tracker.Make  be sure you see two white dots (the users eyes) in the black window.

  • When the devices is mounted adjust the device using the knobs on the mount so that the user can remain in a comfortable position. NOTE: The device is heavy. When adjusting the knobs for the first time, it can be helpful to have two people present: one person to hold the device and one person to adjust the knobs.


  • The white triangle in the distance meter (on the sidebars of the Track Status) should hover near the center, within the green, when the optimal distance from the device is reached. If you move the device closer to the user, you will notice the white triangle will move up the colorful bar and if you move the device farther away the triangle will go down.

Obtaining a Good Calibration

  • Once the device is positioned properly relative to the users face, you can start to calibrate the device.
  • Most of our software allow you to customize the calibration to fit different users needs. If the user needs to dwell on small areas of the screen (i.e. an onscreen keyboard), try to calibrate using at least 5 or 9 calibration points. For a user that only will select big targets you can start with just a one point calibration and you can also select pictures or a video as calibration stimuli to draw the users attention to the calibration points.
  • If the software you are using does not support the calibration settings you need you can do the calibration in a software that does support more advanced calibration settings and use that calibration in the software you want to use. 

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