Printable Core First Communication Boards

Low-tech versions of the core pages in Core First are available in all grid sizes.  These boards can be an introduction to Core First for some people before they get their devices or can be used as a backup in case something happens to their device (e.g., repair, not charged, not available, etc.).  

For a complete list of Core First boards in all the languages available (Chinese, Danish, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish (Mexico), Swedish, UK), please click here. 

If you are interested in lesson plans and interactive activities to support core word learning and use, explore Core First Learning.  Delivered through the Boardmaker Student Center on your Indi or I-Series device, Core First Learning will help your students learn the meaning, use, and placement of high frequency core words on their AAC system. The instructional sequence includes a series of reading, writing, and language activities that complement each other.

Note:  Editable versions are available in Boardmaker Online by typing Core First into the Search All Activities box.

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