Communicator 4 Dictionaries

Communicator 4 comes with dictionaries in the language it is installed for. It is possible to install additional dictionaries for other languages by either downloading and installing the Communicator Suite in the language you need or manually copying the dictionary file to your computer. Please be aware that this requires some experience in using Windows file explorer.

To manually install the dictionary file:

  1. download the zip file for the required language below
  2. open the zip file from your browsers download location
  3. copy the .vfo file into your Communicator 4 settings folder

Communicator 4 disctionary settings are stored in c:\Users\[Windows User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Viking Software\Communicator\4\Users\[Communicator User Name]\Custom Dictionaries. On a Tobii Dynavox I-Series, this would for example be: c:\Users\TobiiUser\AppData\Roaming\Viking Software\Communicator\4\Users\Guest\Custom Dictionaries

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