Communicator 5 Suite - Offline Installer (Full Zip File Installer)

Communicator 5 Suite Offline Installer, use it for first time installations on devices without an Internet connection for first time installations or when you need a full installation, incl. voices.  It does include Communicator 5, Sono Suite, relevant Acapela voices, Symbol Stix® symbol library and the PCS symbol library.  If you have an Internet connection it is recommended to use the Communicator 5 Suite Online Installer.  These files are very large and may take quite some time to download.

How to Use  this Installer:

  1. Download the ZIP file.
  2. Fully Extract the ZIP file to a new folder on your desktop or elsewhere.
  3. Run the SetupCommunicatorSuite.exe file.

This ZIP file is extremely large.  On most Internet connections the entire download will take many hours to complete.  If you attempt to run the installation and receive an error stating the file is missing or corrupt, that means the ZIP file had not completed downloading.  You may also need to make sure you do not have any download restrictions.  If you let the file download overnight, make sure your device or computer does not go to sleep since it will not download while asleep or in hibernate.

Current Version 5.5.4 Updated 31st January 2020

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