Microsoft Eye Control, compatible with Tobii Eye Tracking Technology

Tobii Dynavox is beyond excited that Tobii’s eye tracking technology will be compatible with Microsoft Eye Control, Microsoft’s newest standard input method in their upcoming Windows 10 update.

Every Windows 10 device will be pre-configured to use a Tobii Dynavox eye tracker (PCEye Mini, PCEye Plus, EyeMobile Plus and I-Series+), from the start, as a critical lifeline and means to communicate. To read more about this exciting news, click here.

Once you have read through the most frequently asked questions and the latest information, feel free to learn more about Microsoft Eye Control in the Tobii Tech Blog.



As an existing Tobii Dynavox customer and AAC user, what does Microsoft Eye Control mean for me?​

Microsoft is adding a new input method to Windows 10 called Microsoft Eye Control. This new input method, along with an eye tracker, will allow eye gaze users to move the mouse curser and control the keyboard directly through Windows 10, without additional software needed. All recently introduced Tobii Dynavox eye trackers (PCEye Mini, PCEye Plus, EyeMobile Mini, EyeMobile Plus and I-Series+) are compatible with Microsoft Eye Control.

Existing Tobii Dynavox customers can rest assured that your hardware and software functionality will not be affected by this update. Microsoft Eye Control is a great opportunity to expand access solutions to people living with disabilities and to empower them to interact with their computer in a way they never thought possible. 

If you want to try out Microsoft Eye Control:

  1. Make sure you are using the Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.
  2. Make sure your Tobii Dynavox software is updated to the latest release. If you’re not sure, start the Tobii Dynavox software Update Notifier. It can be found among your Desktop icons if you have Tobii Dynavox software such as Windows Control, Gaze Point or Tobii Gaze Interaction Software installed.
  3. When Update Notifier is started and connected to the Internet, it will automatically present you with the available updates. You need to Accept and Install all updates.


Microsoft is offering a Beta version of the software – should I give it a try?​

We encourage developers to try it out, but we urge our AAC users and professionals to hold off until the Windows 10 update is officially released. The PCEye Mini, PCEye Plus, EyeMobile Plus and I-Series+ are confirmed as compatible when the Windows 10 update is launched in the fall. To see what eye tracker fits your needs best, please see the Recommended Tobii Eye Trackers table below.

If you really want to test the new Microsoft Eye Control now, please be aware of the following: Testing the Beta version of Windows 10 is only advised for developers. To test the Windows 10 Beta version before the official release in the fall, you need to join the Windows Insider Program and perform a couple of manual steps. You will likely have issues going back to your old configuration after installing the Insider Preview of Windows 10 to run the Microsoft Eye Control features. As the eye tracker firmware will be upgraded, the Tobii Service and Configuration will be overwritten. ​

Technically our Tobii Dynavox eye trackers PCEye Mini, PCEye Plus, PCEye Explore, and EyeMobile Plus are compatible right now. Always use one software at a time, so when you are trying out Microsoft Eye Control, please turn off Tobii Dynavox Windows Control.

Will Microsoft Eye Control work with the Tobii 4C and/or other brands of eye trackers?​

Yes, the Tobii 4C eye tracker from the Tobii Tech division, as well as various Tobii Dynavox eye trackers, will be supported with the new Windows 10 input method, Microsoft Eye Control. To get an overview of Tobii’s eye tracker portfolio, please see the Recommended Tobii Eye Trackers table below.

Do I need to buy an eye tracker before I can use the Microsoft Eye Control feature?​

Yes, an eye tracker is required to use the Microsoft Eye Control feature.

Microsoft Eye Control is an additional input method for Windows 10 and makes it compatible with Tobii eye trackers. Just like you would need to purchase a keyboard or mouse, you also need to purchase an eye tracker to use Microsoft Eye Control. 

What support will Tobii Dynavox offer?

Tobii Dynavox will provide support for our eye tracking devices (I-Series, EyeMobile Plus, PCEye Plus or Mini), eye tracking software (Windows Control, TGIS, Gaze Point, Gaze Viewer), and all our communication software with built-in eye tracking access features.

Tobii Dynavox supports users via our support web page, social media, email, chat (chat is available in US only), and phone support (Note: phone support may vary based on product support configuration). Additional technical support options may be available for purchase via Support360 (North America) or TD Care (Europe, areas outside of North America).

In addition, Tobii Tech will assist users with support issues related to Tobii Tech eye trackers (4C, EyeX) and any of the customer devices with a built-in Tobii eye tracker (Alienware, Acer, or MSI). Tobii Tech provides support via FAQ, email forms, and chat at their support web page and through social media.​

Tobii Dynavox and Tobii Tech will not support any specific Microsoft Eye Control questions. For help with Microsoft Eye Control, please contact Microsoft.

Does Tobii Dynavox support Windows Insider Preview for testing the new Microsoft Eye Control before its official release?

No, at this time Tobii Dynavox will not support the Windows Insider Preview. Please note, if you do download the Windows Insider Preview, to get back to your normal Windows version, you may need to reinstall Windows – which may affect stored data and settings.


What’s the main difference between the PCEye Mini and 4C eye trackers?

The PCEye Mini is designed specifically for Assistive Technology to aid those with disabilities and mobility challenges. The Tobii 4C was developed as a gaming device to provide simultaneous head and eye tracking functionality. For more information, please see the Recommended Tobii Eye Tracker table below.

How will Microsoft Eye Control software and Tobii Dynavox eye trackers bring greater levels of awareness to the Accessibility world?

Tobii Dynavox eye trackers are specifically targeted and optimized for the Access and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) markets. Microsoft Eye Control will allow users to perform a certain number of computer functions via eye tracking, but in general it is a major milestone in the adoption of eye tracking as a fundamental computer interaction technology. This update will provide insight to those who may potentially benefit from the numerous accessibility benefits eye tracking can provide but may have never known it existed.



Recommended Tobii Eye Trackers for Microsoft Eye Control

Tobii Eye Tracker 4C

PC gaming device that provides simultaneous head & eye tracking functionality

PCEye Mini

Navigate & control your computer using only your eyes

PCEye Plus

Eye tracking, dictation, switch, & IR in one product

EyeMobile Plus

Purpose-built bracket solution for mobile communication & complete hands-free access


Speech generating device for effective communication through eye tracking

Designed for >

Eye Tracking Performance >



 97% Eye trackability of Population (world wide)



Included Gaze Software >

Tobii Eye Tracking Core (TETC)

Windows Control & TGIS

Windows Control & Virtual Remote for the EyeR Dongle

Windows Control & Virtual Remote

TGIS-Classic Windows Control

Other Compatible Gaze Software >

Microsoft Eye Control

Microsoft Eye Control

Microsoft Eye Control

Microsoft Eye Control

Microsoft Eye Control (coming soon)

Gaze Point (free)

Gaze Point (free)

Gaze Point (free)

Gaze Point (free)

Gaze Viewer 1.1.4 (not included)

Windows Control (not included)

Gaze Viewer 1.1.4 (not included)

Gaze Viewer 1.1.4 (not included)

Gaze Viewer 1.1.4 (not included)


Compatible AAC Software >

Communicator 5.4 (when used with Windows Control)

Communicator 5.4

Communicator 5.4

Communicator 5.4

Communicator 5.4

Snap + Core First Snap + Core First Snap + Core First Snap + Core First

Snap + Core First

Compass Compass  Compass Compass




Designed for Assistive Technology >

Support >

Gaming and Developer support via FAQ, email, forms, social media and chat

Tobii Dynavox support via our support web page, social media, email, chat (in US), and phone (if purchased or via reseller)

Tobii Dynavox support via our support web page, social media, email, chat (in US), and phone (if purchased or via reseller)

Tobii Dynavox support via our support web page, social media, email and chat (in US) and via phone (if purchased or via reseller)

Premium support with Support360SM or TD Care (Repair Warranty, Damage Protection and much more)

View the PDF


Software Comparison Table

Feature Group Feature Microsoft Eye Control Windows Control Gaze Point Classic Tobii Gaze Interaction Software Gaze Interaction + Communication Software1
Keyboard Gaze controlled typing
Keyboard Word prediction 
Keyboard Text-to-Speech   
Mouse control

Moving cursor2 

Mouse control Placing cursor 
Mouse control Zoom-clicking 
Mouse control Left click 
Mouse control  Right click, Double Click
Mouse control  Reposition the taskbar   N/A
Mouse control  Scrolling 
Mouse control  Drag & Drop 
Mouse control  Shortcuts3 
Interaction  Dwell-Free Typing
Interaction Shape Writing
Interaction  Switch 
Interaction  Blink 
Calibration  Custom number of calibration points  4
Calibration  Image as calibration stimuli 
Calibration  Video as calibration stimuli  5 5
Calibration  Step by step calibration 
Other Region interaction7 
Other  Save Calibration Profiles  6
Other  Gaze enabled settings  6
Other  Track one eye only 
Other  Tutorial / Configuration Guide 
Other Customizable Taskbar 
  1. A combination of Tobii Dynavox Eye Gaze Software and Communication Software (Communicator 4, Communicator 5, Compass, Snap + Core First)
  2. To play games like Look2Learn, EyeFx, etc. that are controlled by mouse movements
  3. Direct and quick access to Windows most used functions
  4. 7 pts. through TET Core
  5. Coming soon
  6. Communicator 5
  7. The regions are used for buttons in communication software such as Communicator and Snap to make it easy to click on a button with your eyes

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