Snap Core First for Windows

A symbol-based communication app custom-built for AAC.

Snap™ Core First® offers your child the opportunity to express what they truly mean. Designed for all ages and stages of language development, this AAC app is accessible via touch, eye gaze or switch and offers clear speech output. Caregivers will find it simple to set up, edit, track progress and get support. Snap Core First is available as a standalone app or pre-loaded on a selection of devices. 

Not using Windows? We also offer Snap Core First for iPad.


Product no: 410401

Track progress and communicate development

Learning language, achieving literacy, and becoming an independent communicator is a journey with many stages. Snap Core First meets each communicator wherever they are on that journey and evolves with them as they grow. It’s designed to be the most intuitive and engaging symbol-based app on the market. With a variety of pre-designed button layouts, a full range of text to speech voices, free cloud storage backup and smart assistants, everything is easy to set up and ready to use.


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Snap Core First is so fast and responsive! When you touch a symbol, you get immediate voice output. This ensures the motor, auditory, and visual input the user gets when they activate a button is simultaneous and that helps the child learn.


A companion for your literacy and learning journey


Picture of the start communicating icon on Snap

Start communicating immediately

with tools and supports, like core words, quick phrases, and topics, that allow a communicator to initiate and guide the interaction.

Created the to be the best

Created to be the best

with years of research, feedback, and user testing. In user testing of SLPs and educators, 9 out of 10 tested preferred Snap over competitor apps.

Picture of the confidence icon on the Snap

Built for confidence

with the easiest navigation, no instructions are necessary, and a toolbar is always available with tools to support you as you move through the system.

Picture of the customization tool for Snap

Designed for easy customization and consistency

with a new user interface for easy editing and grid size changes, standard functions for dragging and dropping, quicker actions for linking pages, and a new Search tool for finding words quickly.

What makes Snap Core First unique?


Snap Core First builds on Tobii Dynavox’s years of experience delivering AAC solutions. It brings the best parts of our previous titles together to create a focused solution for symbol communication. This attention on AAC users who primarily use symbol-based communication has allowed us to create an intuitive user experience unlike anything before. And if you are looking for a symbol-based communication app for iPad, Snap Core First is also available on iTunes.

Who is Snap Core First for?


Picture of an Indi user named Lana

Snap Core First is the pinnacle in communication software for symbol-supported communicators and is designed to be the easiest to use, most intuitive, and consistently arranged solution available on the market, for both the user and the communication partner. Individuals of all ages with speech and language disabilities, including those with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other intellectual disabilities, can all benefit from Snap Core First.

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Track progress and communicate development

Data collection is now available in Snap Core First. When the in-app track button usage is enabled, Snap will record information about each button activation. Basic button usage data can be visualized as button usage counts within Snap and additional data visualizations are available in the Usage Reports section of your account. Modeling mode records data events separately so that they can be differentiated from normal user events.


Research-based for success


Indi Core First screenshot

The success of the Snap Core First platform stems from the cohesive use of the Core Word framework, topics, quick phrases, behavior supports, word lists, and keyboards that let a user naturally interact. Core First, which has its roots in research by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, helps the communicator continuously build vocabulary and skills and takes advantage of motor learning by introducing new vocabulary systematically and purposefully, which allows users to move up or down and always know where to find vocabulary. It is built on three pillars for communication success: growth, engagement, and literacy.

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The Snap Core First difference


Statistically, literacy rates are extremely low for those who use AAC to communicate. In fact, according to “Literacy Intervention for Transition-Aged Youth: What Is and What Could Be,” by B. Foley and Julie A. Wolter, 90% of students in America with complex communication needs enter adulthood without acquiring functional literacy skills. Lack of literacy is an enormous barrier to education, independence, and many of life’s opportunities. With Snap Core First, we are providing the best symbol-based communication experience available but also what is needed for a parent, teacher, or therapist and a child to work together so that the child can become a successful communicator, learn language, and ultimately achieve literacy. 

Encourage engagement

Core First allows its users to be engaged fast, real-time conversations about topics that are important to them, which leads to engagement. These are the features that make real-time conversations possible! In Core First, you can easily find the right kind of message for any level of communication, including the Core word page, a library of topics covering many situations and events. Among the tools are also Quickfires, keyboards, word lists and behavior support. And of course, it’s a snap to add buttons on the go! It enables communications in a variety of situations and environments, which leads to greater user engagement.

Promote literacy

We believe that communicators should have access to literacy tools, no matter your starting level. Core First will help you continuously sharpen your skills and build upon them- making literacy possible. In this application, you can start at the most basic level- making literacy possible! We also offer a variety of tools to help pave the way; from Snap Scene, which engage emerging communicators to become literate with Core First Learning and The Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL) program.


Devices pre-installed with Snap Core First 

Snap Core First can be accessed with eye control, touch and/or switch depending on the Tobii Dynavox device used. 


The world's fastest, lightest and most durable gaze-enabled speech generating device, featuring the #1 eye tracker. 

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An ultra-durable touch screen speech generating device designed for communication on the go.   

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Indi & Indi 7

All-in-one AAC speech tablets designed to jumpstart your communication journey.   

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Access Methods

An access method is how you select things on a screen. There are many different types available in Snap Core First and it is important to choose the one that best meets your needs. Below are a few of the most commonly used access methods: 


Touch, with a finger or stylus, is one of the most familiar access methods. When using Snap Core First software, you can choose the touch method that works best for you to make accurate, easy, and timely selections for communication.

3 types of touch:

  1. Simple Touch - Touch a button and it activates.
  2. Touch Enter - Works the same way as Simple Touch but offers settings to reduce accidental selections*.
  3. Touch Exit - Activates button when the finger or sytlus is lifted from the screen.

*Accidental Selections- With so much to say, it's easy to accidentally select the wrong button. If this happens to you often, adding a hold time, a release time, or both will help. Another way to increase accuracy of selections is with a keygaurd

Eye Gaze

Gaze interaction gives you a way to make selections using just your eyes. An eye tracker tracks the movement and position of your eyes on the screen.

Helpful hints when using Eye Gaze:

  1. Make sure you and the device are well-positioned to make the most of your eye movement.
  2. Use the positioning guide in the Gaze Interaction Settings to help center yourself with the device.
  3. For calibration, keep your eyes in the middle of the window with the indicator arrow in the green. Then calibrate to your eyes for the most accurate selection.
  4. Choose the selection method that works best for you in the Access Method Settings: dwell, switch, or blink.

Gaze interaction can be used for more than just selecting in your software. You can also play fun games and control your whole desktop, all with your eyes!


Use scanning as your access method when you have limited body movement or control and are not able to use other access methods.

How does scanning work?

Your software highlights sections of the screen. When the section you want is highlighted, you activate your switch to connect. You should use the switch or switches that are best for you.

Scanning within Snap Core First

Snap Core First has a new Scanning pageset designed for ease, efficiency and to help improve speed for scanners. Within Snap, there are many different types of scanning available. Those include:

  1. Linear Scanning – The highlight moves in a straight line across one row, then the next, and so on.
  2. Column Row Scanning – Pick the column, then scan through the items in the row.
  3. Group Scanning - Edit and create scan groups to fine-tune how your pages scan.
  4. And many more!

As well as customizing the scan by adjusting the speed, you can choose the switch and/or scan pattern that works best for you. Use trial and error of the different options to find the best settings. To learn more about how to use Scanning in Snap Core First, watch these videos, download the Implementation Guide or read the Articles at a Glance below.


Scanning Podcast

Check out this interview with Elizabeth Bahr, member of the clinical content team to discuss new features in Snap Core First that support AAC communicators who use scanning to access communication. Watch now!


A Comprehensive Ecosystem of Support


Our software is supported by an unparalleled ecosystem of content and a library of resources to help you learn and grow your literacy and communication skills. Created by leading professionals in the field, our software's broad range of supports will help to ensure successful language development.

Picture the Pathways homepage

Pathways for Core First

Pathways is a free, one-of-a-kind companion app for Core First. Designed to facilitate successful use of Snap Core First software, Pathways is a unique learning gateway that will enhance your partner communication skills and features an interactive goal setting tool, lesson plans, and materials, cheat sheets, and videos to help you make the biggest impact on user success.

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Pathways is also available as an online version accessible directly from your web browser.

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Indi in use

Core First Lessons and Core First Books

Free, downloadable Core First Lessons are designed to support the numerous free Core First Books we offer. The lessons focus on 3 key goals - to teach what each word means or how it is used; the position of the word in the system; and finally how the words work in connected text. 

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Text-Based Printable Communication Boards

Free, downloadable Text-Based Printable Communication Boards are available to support communication partners. These text based supports include boards that can be used with touch, eye gaze and scanning access methods.

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Integrated Smart Assistants

Access social media, entertainment, medical support, and environmental control via Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. These smart assistants are integrated into page sets. They support communication and access to information; promote engagement with people; and provide control of things such as music, games, television, and lights.

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Indi Product page additional resources  buttom

With Snap Core First, you can back up all your files to the cloud via, ensuring you’ll never have to worry about losing what you have created. Also, this is an excellent way to practice remote editing and modeling. Remote editing is important for parents or SLPs who want to make changes to their child’s pagesets while their child is still using the device for communication, and modeling is one of the best strategies for teaching someone how to use the device.

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ALL logo

The Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL) Reading Program

The ALL program, created by Dr. Janice Light, Ph.D. and Dr. David McNaughton Ph.D., of Penn State University, is an evidence-based approach designed specifically to teach basic reading skills to students who are non-verbal and require augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

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Picture of teacher using Boardmaker

Boardmaker Student Center app

Boardmaker Online offers a host of tools to support Speech Language Pathologists and Special Ed Teachers as they provide instruction to students. The Boardmaker Student Center app is where students of all abilities can go to access activities assigned to them through Boardmaker Online. The app brings the power of personalized visual supports and symbol-adapted educational materials.

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Recorded Webinars picture

Live and Recorded Webinars

There are an abundance of live and recorded webinars available for free on Webinars ranging from beginner to advanced will be available for Snap Core First. Some webinars will be eligible for ASHA CEU credits.

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Expertise and support you can trust


Picture of mon and son using the Indi

Our products are the innovative result of a highly-experienced team from Tobii Dynavox made up of educators, clinicians, PhDs, engineers, and professionals who are passionate about empowering others to reach their full potential. We work every day to help people communicate and achieve literacy so they can live richer and more independent lives.

Technical Support and Warranty

Tobii Dynavox Care logo

Service and support is easily available from one place, Tobii Dynavox, for all your Indi needs. Indi comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and 90 days of telephone support to get you up and running quickly.

The optional Tobii Dynavox Care warranty comes with telephone support and covers any device repairs, no questions asked! Contact your local sales consultant for pricing.

Tobii Dynavox also offers the most comprehensive support in the industry. Find all our support information at: In addition to email support, you can browse our knowledge base and find plenty of other support materials.

NEW in Snap Core First 1.12


Boardmaker Activities: Interactive Boardmaker activities can be played within the Snap software. Engage in books, games, math tools, and have access to communication within the Snap software.

New Search Options: There are now two filters you can apply when using the search feature. You now have the option of showing hidden paths as well as showing duplicate matches.

Set Up Wizard Improvements: All of the options during the onboarding process are more visible and easy to use.

Automatic Symbol Set Update: New symbol sets will automatically install and update when you start up Snap Core First.

Find our complete list of Snap Core First 1.12 feature updates in the release notes.

Snap Core First 1.11.2


Updated Word Lists (UK) - Increase efficiency through smaller word lists that are organized by frequency of use. Learn more about word lists here.

Text Page Set Localizations – Literature users will now be able to access text page sets in Norwegian and Danish.

Home Automation & Siri Search Integration – Literature users now have home automation included in their Text Page Set in German (Google Home, Alexa, Siri) and Dutch (Google Home).

Siri Pages (iOS) – Efficiently make frequent requests through Siri. Included in Core First (UK, US, Scanning) and Text Page Sets (UK, US).

 Find our complete list of Snap Core First 1.11.2 feature updates in the release notes.

Snap Core First 1.11


Page Printing – Print a page or set of pages from within Snap Core First. Customize the printing field to include or exclude areas like the message window and toolbar. Ideal for existing users who want a low-tech solution readily available.

Watch this video to learn more
Download this quick printing guide with instructions on how to print

FaceTime Capability - This feature allows Snap to be used while making calls on iOS 13 via the FaceTime App

Text Page Set Localization – The Text Page Set has been localized into the following languages:

Spanish (LA)
German (including Google Home and Alexa pages)
Swedish (including Google Home pages)
Dutch (including Google Home pages)

New Argentinian Symbol Set – A symbol set for Argentina is now included in Snap Core First. There are 69 symbols in this set.

Find our complete list of Snap Core First 1.11 feature updates in the release notes.

Snap Core First 1.10.2


New Core First Scanning Page Set (U.S. English) - Designed for ease and efficiency, the Core First Scanning Page Set is organized to improve speed and ease of scanning. Four grid sizes (3x4, 6x4, 7x6, 9x8) help to eliminate scrolling in content as well as support group scanning. For those new to scanning, learn basic scanning skills with the Learn to Scan practice pages.

Manually update software within the Snap app on locked Windows devices – For devices connected to the internet infrequently or not at all, this features allows you to keep your software updated with the newest features and content releases.

Find our complete list of Snap Core First 1.10.2 feature updates in the release notes

Snap Core First 1.10 

Languages: Icelandic, Czech, Portuguese (Portugal), Italian, Swiss German


Updated Word Lists - Increase efficiency through smaller word lists that are organized by frequency of use. Learn more about word lists here.

Aphasia Page Set - Support individuals with aphasia through this page set that is a combination of grid and visual scenes, includes frequently used tools (photos, photo albums, whiteboard).

Lightbulb - Easily access release notes, links to information, and tutorials with this icon in the top right corner of the title bar.

Whiteboard - Easily import photographs to write on them. 

Accessible Share - Share message window is accessible and displays accessible options (AccessIT, copy to button, copy to clipboard).

Message Window / Copy Paste – Save messages by copying text from the message window (via accessible share window) to a button or copy to a place outside of Snap, paste text from clipboard into the message window.

Marquee Selection – Quickly edit multiple buttons.

Find our complete list of Snap Core First 1.10 feature updates in the release notes.

Snap Core First 1.9

Snap + Core First is now Snap Core First.

Text Page Set – New text-based content for Snap Core First, designed for users who are fully literate.

Grid Spanning – Create buttons that are larger than one row and/or column.

Copy to Button – Copy text from the message window into a button, providing an accessible way for users to program their own buttons.

Toggle Full Screen action – An action to toggle the state of Snap Core First between full screen and windowed-mode.

I-Series Support  Control the Partner Window and Adaptive Buttons on I-13 and I-16 devices 

Find our complete list of Snap Core First 1.9 feature updates in the release notes.

Snap + Core First 1.8

Languages: Spanish (Spain)


Setup Wizard: You can now see the two most common language options based on the language settings within your device.

Active Content Buttons: These allow you to display dynamic information on a button, where the label and symbol change to reflect the current information status.

Scanning Options:

  • Zoom (all scan types) - enlarge the highlighted object.
  • Delay between selections (all scan types) - a type of release time.
  • Speak full audio cue before advancing (Inverse Scan and 1 Switch Autoscan) - for those users who need to hear the entire audio cue instead of having the scan highlight advance at a consistent speed.

Scanning Access Method types:

  • 1 Switch Scan – One switch input, hit to advance, hold to select.
  • 1 Switch Dwell Scan – One switch input, hit to advance, pause or dwell on selection.
  • Inverse Scanning – One switch input, press and hold to start and advance scan, release switch to select.

For a complete list of feature updates, please click here.
For release notes, please click here.

Snap + Core First 1.7

Languages: French Canadian - 1 new French (Canada) Acapela voice


Support for AccessIT 3: New actions for use with AccessIT 3, pages available from the Dashboard, pages also available from

German PCS Page Set: 25 new German PCS symbols in the Snap extended symbol set

For a complete list of Content updates, please click here.

For a complete list of Software updates, please click here

Snap + Core First 1.6

Languages: French and Latin American Spanish/English Bilingual


The number of rows displayed in the Toolbar separate from the Page grid size can be set.

To help improve Snap, customers may opt-in to send anonymous Snap usage data to Tobii Dynavox.

New Page Set Guides available in Systems > Help and Tutorials.

For a complete list of Content updates, please click here.

For a complete list of Software updates, please click here

Snap + Core First 1.5

Languages: Snap + Core First is now available in Portuguese (Brazil)


Data Collection - Track progress and communicate development over time with the new data collection feature. When the in-app track button usage is enabled, Snap will record information about each button activation. Basic button usage data can be visualized as button usage counts within Snap and additional data visualizations are available in the Usage Reports section of your account. Modeling mode records data events separately so that they can be differentiated from normal user events. 

Backup/Restore to - You can now backup/restore your pages to directly within the software.

IR Support for I-Series+ - If you’re using Snap on an I-Series device, it now supports IR functionality.

Shutdown/Restart actions (Windows only) – These actions can now all be done within the Snap software.

New Colors – Customize Snap with new color options. Colors include: Pale Pink, Lilac, Pale Blue, Pale Cyan, Silver Green, and Cream.

For a complete list of Snap + Core First updates and bug fixes, please click here.

Snap + Core First 1.4

Languages: Snap + Core First is now available in Spanish, Swedish and Dutch (Lite). The Dutch (Lite) version does not include software support for Inflector Buttons (word forms), automatic inflection of Grammar Buttons, automatic formation of contractions and compound words, and symbol search using morphological variants of words.

Snap is also available in English (US, UK), Bilingual English/Spanish, and German.


Delay after Page Change - for Gaze Interaction users that allows you to view newly opened pages without making eye gaze selections for up to 10 seconds

Pause Access Method (button type) - can be used to pause and un-pause the Access Methods Mouse Dwell and Gaze Interaction

Link Visualization (pageset style setting) - includes options to display all “link buttons” with Navigation Icons (the default), in a folder shape, or with no distinguishing style.

Clear after Speech (user preference) - automatically clears the Message Window when text is inserted after the Message Window has been spoken.

For a complete list of new Snap + Core First updates, please click here.

Snap + Core First 1.3

Snap + Core First Subscription Now Available - Need a short-term communication solution or do you want to just pay as you go? Snap + Core First is now available as a monthly subscription for just USD$9.99 (also available for USD$119.99/year). This option is perfect for those who want to pay only as long as they need Snap + Core First, for example users with a short-term medical need, like intubation, stroke or other brain injury, and other conditions. It is also ideal for users wishing to trial the software beyond the available 30-day free trial. In addition, the Snap subscription is a great way to access the leading software on the market without having to pay all at once. Subscription options are available for the iPad and Windows-based devices.

To purchase the subscription option, please click here. 

Additionally, joining the Spanish/English bilingual pageset, Snap + Core First extends the well-received software to support the German language. This German release introduces the German core words, is localized for topics, supports German word prediction and morphology, symbol search, and more. The German Snap + Core First page set also integrates the German LiterAACy supports from Tobii Dynavox’s Sono suite.

For a complete list of Snap + Core First 1.3 release notes, please click here. 

Snap + Core First 1.1

Snap + Core First 1.1 is here with tons of exciting new features like importing, exporting, and sharing content as well as integration with Here’s the scoop on a few more features we’re thrilled to share with you:

  • Syncing - You are now able to sync Snap + Core First between two different devices. This is especially important for modeling and being able to make a change without taking the device away from the user.
  • Companion App – Those using Snap + Core First on a Tobii Dynavox device now have access to a free companion app version of the software for use on a different device.
  • Tobii Dynavox for Professionals – ASHA- and SAC-certified SLPs, SLPs from outside the U.S. and Canada, and other professionals in the field can now get Snap + Core First for no charge through the Tobii Dynavox for Professionals program.
  • App Switcher – We’ve made it easy to seamlessly switch between Snap + Core First and Communicator 5. To do so, you can program a button in Snap to launch Communicator and vice versa.

For a full list of Snap + Core First 1.1 release features, please click here.

 Snap Core First


Windows - (Free Version)

Windows - (Full Version)

Initial Price Free USD $49.99
Speaking Capabilities via In-App Purchase USD $49.99 Included
Speaking Capabilities via Subscription

USD $9.99 / Month
USD $119.99 / Year

Volume Purchase Discounts Available No Yes
Use as a Free Editor Yes No
Trial Available in the App Store Non-Speaking No
Use as Free Companion or Professional App Yes No
Where to Buy

Free Version from the App Store

or Subscribe Now

Full Version from the App Store


Snap Core First Frequently Asked Questions

Who would benefit from a Snap Core First Subscription?

This option is perfect for those who want to pay only as long as they need Snap Core First, for example those with a short-term medical need, like intubation, stroke or other brain injury, and other acute conditions. It is also ideal for those wishing to trial Snap Core First beyond the available 30-day free trial. In addition, the Snap subscription is a great way to access the leading software on the market without having to pay all at once.

What is the difference between the perpetual app and the app purchased on either the iTunes or Windows store?

The functionality is exactly the same. The difference is that you’re able to purchase the perpetual app with a purchase order. However, the perpetual app is for Windows only.

Once the amount I pay for the subscription reaches the full one-time purchase price of the app, do I own the app?

No, you would either have to continue paying the subscription price or complete the one-time purchase. 

What happens if I miss a monthly payment on the subscription?

If you miss a payment, you will be reminded by email and asked to update your credit card details. In case of non-payment, your subscription will be cancelled and you will be notified that your subscription has expired. 

If I start out with a subscription and decide to move to a one-time purchase, do I get credited the money I paid toward the subscription?


Do you store my credit card details?

No, your credit card information is not stored. Currently, the customer enters the card, the number is passed directly to the gateway (Mastercard/Visa/American Express), and we receive a token which is used to charge it going forward. This is all in compliance with

Does my subscription automatically renew every month/year?

Yes, your subscription will continue to renew every month/year until you formally cancel. When a subscription is cancelled, the end date of the subscription is set to the last date in the current period in which you are enrolled.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you wish to end your subscription, you can use the cancellation link provided upon initial subscription activation, or contact Tobii Dynavox Support. A cancelled subscription does not immediately become deactivated. Instead, the canceled subscription remains active until the end of the subscription period for which you have paid.



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