Sparkle 2

Sparkle 2 is the predecessor to Sparkle Epic and is identical in both setting and gameplay.

The objective is to clear the board of the incoming orbs by matching them by colour in groups of three or more or eliminating them with different sets of power ups. Aiming and launching the orbs is done by perfoming a mouse click on the exact location where one wants to launch the orb, making it very intuitive to play with the Gaze Point. To keep up the high tempo, the dwell time needs to be set very low.

Assistant Requirements

The game can for the most part be played without any form assistance since all major aspects of the gameplay is can be controlled entirely with left mouse clicks. However, some parts of the map menu needs mouse drag to be navigated completely which can require some assistance.

Gaze Point Settings

A complete beginner at the game should probably have the dwell time set to 300 – 600 ms to grow accustom to the gameplay. Later on the dwell time can be reduced to 100 – 200 ms depending on the skill of the player. Weather to have the cursor visible or hidden is up to personal preferences.

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