Robotek is a turn based RPG/Strategy Game with a heavy focus on randomness.

The objective of the game is to win robot battles, where robots of different classes can be summoned, and different attacks can be performed. To perform a move the player has to use a slot machine, which determine what attacks will be performed or what robots will be summoned. The key to be successful at the game is to know in what situation one needs to use summoning, attack or defence.

Assistant Requirements

The main game can be played without any form of assistance, since the game only consist of clicking very large buttons.However, to navigate entirely trough the main world map, drag movements are needed which will require some help from the assistant.

A bit of context

Since the game mainly consist of clicking, the cursor should be set to be visible. The dwell time can be anything that feels comfortable since there are no stressful aspects in the game. 500 – 1500 ms should suffice.

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