Radiant Defense

Radiant Defence is a classic tower defence where the player place out different sorts of defence turrets to protect a space station from an alien invasion.

The attacks comes in waves and between every wave the player has time to place out new turrets to tighten up the defence even more. Every level the players starts with a limit amount of points which can be spent on turrets and other power ups. Then during every enemy wave the player earns a certain amount of points for every enemy which is killed and these new points is then used to acquire new turrets and upgrades.

Assistant Requirements

All aspects of the game can be controlled with left mouse click.

Gaze Point Settings

Gaze Point settings are not very import in this game since most moves can be reverted and there are no real time factors. Click needs to be active to interact with the gameplay elements and dwell time can be anywhere between 300-2000 ms.

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