Northern Tale

Northern Tale is a time management game where the objective is to clear the level of the evil trees which an evil witch has planted.

In every level the player is in control over a couple of vikings which the player can direct to collect resources and perform different tasks.
To perform certain task, such as building bridges and cutting down trees, certain resources needs to be collected before, and the vikings needs to be sent to collect them before the game can proceed. The level is completed if all the evil trees are removed from the level before the time runs out.

Assistant Requirements

The game is controlled entirely with mouse clicks and can be played without any form of assistance.

A bit of context

Click needs to be active. Cursor visibility should probably be visible since some of the interactors on the screen are quite small. The dwell time needs to be quite low since there a time aspect to the game and the tasks needs to be performed as quickly as possible in order to beat the level, 100 – 600 ms should probably be okay.


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