Miriel's Enchanted Mystery

Miriel’s Enchanted Mystery is a management game with some Hidden Object gameplay elements sprinkled throughout the game.

The main gameplay consist of working in a potion shop where you have to serve customers by delivering to them what they order before they become impatient and leaves.
To do this the player have to both deliver standard items such as apples and water, but also combine different items to create bread and different potions. Throughout the game there are also a couple side missions which have a more hidden objects vibe to them, in which you have to find a couple of objects hidden in the background scenery. Both of the game modes is controlled by standard left mouse click.

Assistant Requirements

Both the different game modes and all the menus can be controlled with Gaze Point but since the dwell time needs to be set very low, around 100-200 ms, to keep up in the regular gameplay, the user may need assistance when navigating the menus between levels.

Gaze Point Settings

Click needs to be active. The dwell time needs to be very low, 100-400 ms, since the player needs to be able to quickly deliver the goods to the customers and will the shelf with items.

Recommended Gaze Point Settings




Doesn’t matter


100 – 600 ms

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