Jelly Bomb/Bomb Chain

The goal of the game is to clear the board of all jelly candies. To do this the payer is given a limited amount of jelly which can be added to candies on the board. Adding jelly the big jelly bears will make them explode which will send more jelly onto the board which will be absorbed by the adjacent candies which make cause them to explode. Different kinds of candies will behave differently when they absorb jelly and to complete the level one has to carefully plan where to add the jelly to perfectly clear the board. Adding jelly is done by a simple mouse click on which with the Gaze Point is done by simply dwelling on the desired candy.

Assistant Requirements

The game only uses simple mouse input and have simple mouse controlled menus which allows the entire game to be played with the Gaze Point Software.

Gaze Point Settings

Click must always be active to be able to add jelly and to navigate the menus. The dwell time should be set quite high, between 1000 – 2000 ms since the game doesn’t require any quick mouse input and one wants to avoid false positives when the user is looking around the board.

Recommended Gaze Point Settings






1000 – 2000 ms

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