Bubble Birds

Bubble Birds is modern version of the classical Marble Popper Genre. The objective of the game is to clear the board of all the orbs(which in this game are small birds), which one does by matching them in groups of three by color. Unlike other games in the genre, like Sparkle and Zuma where the orbs are moving, the orbs are stationary when the player can launch an orb and depending on if there is a successful match or not, the orbs will start to move downwards. The game ends when the orbs have reached the bottom screen. Similar to other Marble Popper Games, the birds are launched by left clicking and moves to wards the cursor position, which makes it very intuitive to play with Gaze Point

Assistant Requirements

The game can be played without any form of assistance.

Gaze Point Settings

Since the accurate aiming is essential to the game and time is not a factor, the dwell should probably be somewhere between 500 – 1500 ms. Weather to have the cursor visible or hidden is up to personal preferences.

Recommended Gaze Point Settings




Doesn’t matter


500 – 1500 ms

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