Brick Breaker

Brick Breaker is a new version of the classic breakout games where the objective is to clear the board of all the bricks by bouncing a ball on them and also preventing the balls from hitting the bottom of the screen with the ball pad.

This version has the pad being bound to the mouse cursor making it ideal for playing with Gaze Point.

Assistant Requirements

The game can be played without any assistance if the player has click activated, otherwise the player will need assistance launching the balls and navigating the menus.

Gaze Point Settings

The cursor can be hidden since the ball pad is bound to the cursor. Having click active will mean that the game can be played independently but it will also mean that the dwell animation will sometimes appear during gameplay which can be quite a nuisance. If click is inactive the player will need assisted click when launching orbs and when navigating the menus.

Recommended Gaze Point Settings

CLICK Active
DWELL TIME 1000 – 2000 ms

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