Boximals Soccer

The game is simple arcade game where the objective is to kick the football in the goal which is placed high up in the air and is blocked a couple of bricks which needs to be destroyed with a few hits before the ball can hit goal.

Every level also contains three stars which only exists on the level for 30 seconds which also needs to be hit with the ball before they disappear if the player wants to earn a three-star rank on the level. The “Boximal” which one plays as, is controlled with mouse over and follows the cursor around on the screen, making it very intuitive to play with the Gaze Point Software.

Assistant Requirements

The user needs assisted drag to be able to move the boximal and also needs help with navigating the menus and changing levels since click is inactive.

Gaze Point Settings

Click needs to be inactive to not interupt the assisted drag. Cursor should probably be hidden since it will only be an annoyance when playing.

Recommended Gaze Point Settings







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