Bouncing Button

Bouncing Button is a simple physics based puzzle, the goal of the game is to clear the board of all the orange buttons by touching them with the larger red button with three moves. The larger button is controlled with left mouse clicks which will make the button move towards the position of the cursor. The distance between the button will determine how much momentum the button will gain when it moves, the larger the distance, the larger the momentum.

Assistant Requirements

All aspects of the game can be controlled with the gaze point software apart from “aiming assistance” which shows the start of the trajectory which needs drag to work. However, this doesn’t hinder the user from completing the levels.

Gaze Point Settings

Click needs to be active to interact with the button and the menus. The dwell time needs to be set quite high, be tween 1000-2000 ms to avoid false positives when planning the movements.

Recommended Gaze Point Settings




Doesn’t matter


1000 – 2000 ms

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