Big Hero 6: Bot Fight

Big Hero 6: Bot Fight is an action puzzle game, meaning the main gameplay consists of puzzle solving but have some part of action involved to enhance the experience.

In this game the puzzle aspect consist of match different elements based on colour in groups of three. This is done by swapping place between the elements on the board, clicking on one brick will mark it and then clicking on an adjacent brick will make them swap placed, similarly to Candycrush or Bejeweled. The action aspect of the game consists of a separate screen where different enemies will appear which will take different amounts of damage depending on have good matches are made, levels are completed when all enemies have been eliminated.

Assistant Requirements

The game can be played without any form of assistance.

Gaze Point Settings

Cursor should be visible so the user knows exactly where they are clicking, the dwell time can be whatever feels comfortable since there are no stressful aspects to the game and illegal moves are ignored by the game. Something between 500-1500 ms is probably the best.

Recommended Gaze Point Settings




Doesn’t matter


500 – 1500 ms

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