Air Hockey

Even though Tobii Dynavox already have a Air Hockey game on its website, this one sports the advantage of working without assisted drag when playing in single player and relying entirely on mouse over, making it optimal to play with the Gaze Point.

The game also contains a multiplayer mode but it was apparently developed for touch-screen laptops and does not work with ordinary mouse input.

Assistant Requirements

Depending on whether click is active or not, the player might need assistance when navigating the menus of the game.

Gaze Point Settings

Click can be both active or inactive. During single player game, clicks have no effects on the game which means that there are no disadvantage of having click active. Having it disabled will not show the dwell animation when playing but it will not allow the user to control any of the menus when starting up the game.

Recommended Gaze Point Settings

CLICK   Active or Inactive
DWELL TIME   700-3000 ms

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