1. BeSpoke Voices - FAQ

Sounds great, but is a personalized custom voice really that important?

Speaking in one’s own voice shouldn’t be a luxury — it’s a right. Whether you use your natural speaking voice or you rely on assistive technology, a voice is more than just sound. It’s a reflection of who you are.

Aren’t there already custom voice options available?

Only VocaliD produces personalized voices, tailored to fit you. Our voices are unique because they harness your very own vocalizations, which are then blended with recordings from a matched speaker from our Human Voicebank database.

I already have a speech generating device/app. Will it work on my device?

Yes! VocaliD voices are compatible with existing speech-generating devices and apps. Our voices have been deployed on Windows devices, and will soon be available across platforms. VocaliD voices will work on Tobii Dynavox Windows devices like the I-Series+ and EyeMobile Mini featuring Surface Pro 4.

What if I try the BeSpoke™ Voice, and I decide it isn’t right for me?

There are stories, of course, of people (like Stephen Hawking!) who grew attached to their original voice. And that’s okay, too. Our voices, on the other hand, are made specifically for you, using your unique vocal DNA. Thus, VocaliD voices are non-refundable, yet we stand by our product with our satisfaction guarantee. Contact hello@vocalid.co for details.

2. Vocal Legacy Voices - FAQ

Why should I bank my voice now?

Banking your voice with VocaliD’s Human Voicebank is free, easy, and the responsible thing to do.

If voice recording is free, why buy Vocal Legacy?

Vocal Legacy works pretty much like BeSpoke - but with your own voice. What vocal legacy does is creating a fully functional voice that can say everything from your recordings and that can be added to any AAC speech device.

What do I need to record my voice?

All you need is a a quiet place, a computer running the Google Chrome browser and a head-worn microphone. Then click on http://www.tobiidynavox.com/signup/voice-drive17/.

Remember, the quality of your recordings will impact the voice we can create, that is why a quiet room and a good microphone are important.

How long does recording my voice take?

You need to record approximately 3500 sentences to recreate your voice, which takes an average of 5-7 hours.

Recordings should be broken up into short 10-15 minute sessions over the course of several days/weeks.

I’m not able to record the full sentence list. What should I do?

Consider BeSpoke™ Voice instead of Vocal Legacy ™ Voice. There you only need 2-3 seconds of your voice. Your vocalization will then be blended with recordings from a matched speaker in our Human Voicebank database.

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