Being able to communicate does not have to mean being able to read and write. With Tobii Dynavox Sono Lexis you can build a personal vocabulary through symbols instead of letters, enabling you to make sentences word by word. Communication is independence and with Sono Lexis you give yourself a voice.

Who does it help?

Sono Lexis enables those who lack literacy skills, like some individuals with autism, developmental delay or CP, to build their own sentences word for word. It is based around the idea of a frequently used core vocabulary; that a moderate number of flexible and generic words make up a large proportion of language.

Motor memory and color-coding

Sono Lexis combines the advantages of motor memory learning with the approach of the Fitzgerald Key color-coding. With the best of two vocabulary strategies, you do not need to learn hundreds of abstract icon combinations, or become lost in the maze of tree-shape designed symbol pages.

Easy learning and customization

Amend or customize Sono Lexis page sets for fast and easy to learn communication. The  consistent design supports learning and quick operation, while the modular design of Sono Lexis makes for easy personalization.

Make major learning achievements independently with Sono Lexis. Designed to enable you to work through vocabulary on your own.

Throughout your life

As your communication skills grow you can access less structured layouts. Different grid sizes, keyboard access for emerging readers and compatibility with phone, e-mail and text message communication, allow Sono Lexis to grow with your skills. Special visualization and feedback functions offer support to emerging readers.

Speed increases for advanced users

For fast access and communication speed, three different grid sizes, together with the context module system, ensure that Sono Lexis matches a range of preferences and needs for advanced AAC users.

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