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Snap + Core First is supported by an unparalleled ecosystem of content and a library of resources to help you learn and grow your literacy and communication skills. Created by leading professionals in the field, Snap + Core First’s broad range of supports will help to ensure successful language development.

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Pathways for Core First

Tobii Dynavox Pathways is a free, one-of-a-kind companion app for Core First that’s packed with expert advice for how to meaningfully impact user communication success and guide them on their journey to literacy and independence. Designed to facilitate successful use of Snap + Core First software, Pathways is a unique learning gateway that will enhance your partner communication skills and features an interactive goal setting tool, lesson plans, and materials, cheat sheets, and videos to help you make the biggest impact on user success.

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Core Word Lessons and Core Word Books

Free downloadable Core Word Lessons are designed to support the numerous free Core Word books we offer and lessons that focus on 3 key goals - to teach what each word means or how it is used, the position of the word in the system, and finally how the words work in connected text. There are no other pagesets today that make use of this type of teaching supports.

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With Snap + Core First, you can back up all your files to the cloud via myTobiiDynavox.com, ensuring you’ll never have to worry about losing what you have created. Also, this is an excellent way to practice remote editing and modeling. Remote editing is important for parents or SLPs who want to make changes to their child’s pagesets while their child is still using the device for communication, and modeling is one of the best strategies for teaching someone how to use the device.

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The Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL) Reading Program

The ALL program, created by Dr. Janice Light, Ph.D. and Dr. David McNaughton Ph.D., of Penn State University, is an evidence-based approach designed specifically to teach basic reading skills to students who are non-verbal and require augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

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Boardmaker Student Center app

Boardmaker Online offers a host of tools to support Speech Language Pathologists and Special Ed Teachers as they provide instruction to students. The Boardmaker Student Center app is where students of all abilities can go to access activities assigned to them through Boardmaker Online. The app brings the power of personalized visual supports and symbol-adapted educational materials.

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Live and Recorded Webinars

There are an abundance of live and recorded webinars available for free on TobiiDynavox.com. Webinars ranging from beginner to advanced will be available for Snap + Core First. Some webinars will be eligible for ASHA CEU credits.

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Snap + Core First is the innovative result of a highly-experienced team from Tobii Dynavox made up of educators, clinicians, PhDs, engineers, and professionals who are passionate about empowering others to reach their full potential. We work every day to help people communicate and achieve literacy so they can live richer and more independent lives.

What's New in Snap + Core First

Snap + Core First 1.1 is here with tons of exciting new features like importing, exporting, and sharing content as well as integration with myTobiiDynavox.com. Here’s the scoop on a few more features we’re thrilled to share with you:

  • Syncing - You are now able to sync Snap + Core First between two different devices. This is especially important for modeling and being able to make a change without taking the device away from the user.
  • Companion App – Those using Snap + Core First on a Tobii Dynavox device now have access to a free companion app version of the software for use on a different device.
  • Tobii Dynavox for Professionals – ASHA- and SAC-certified SLPs, SLPs from outside the U.S. and Canada, and other professionals in the field can now get Snap + Core First for no charge through the Tobii Dynavox for Professionals program.
  • App Switcher – We’ve made it easy to seamlessly switch between Snap + Core First and Communicator 5. To do so, you can program a button in Snap to launch Communicator and vice versa.

For a full list of Snap + Core First 1.1 release features, please click here.


Tobii Dynavox also offers the most comprehensive support in the industry. Find all our support information at: www.tobiidynavox.com/support. In addition to email support, you can browse our knowledge base and find plenty of other support materials.

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