For communication to be effective, AAC devices need to be quick, effortless and natural. LiterAACy is a system that makes it easier for individuals with speech and communication impairments to learn how to read and write. LiterAACy provides a first experience with letters and words – and sets the stage for literacy.

Quick wins motivate

LiterAACy is an add-on to Communicator that takes a slightly different approach to learning how to read and write. It does so by categorizing words by their first letter, so that users with knowledge of the initial sound of a word quickly can access it. On average, a user can access up to 3,000 words by just two key presses. Such quick wins make students more likely to become motivated to further develop their reading and writing skills.

Techniques for faster learning and typing

Using SymbolStix symbols, color-coding according to the Fitzgerald key, word prediction, deliberately hiding certain letters and clear speech output all help to improve reading and writing skills. LiterAACy is so intuitive and easy to use that teachers, relatives and caregivers can start using it immediately.

Access 3,500 words with 2 key presses

By accessing up to 3,500 words using less than two key presses, LiterAACy users are more likely to become highly motivated and successful communicators.

Depending on your needs, skills and preferences you can choose between three different grid sizes:

  • 7 by 5 including more than 1,000 selected core and fringe vocabulary words
  • 9 by 6 including more than 2,500 core and fringe vocabulary words
  • 12 by 9 including more than 3,500 core and fringe vocabulary words

Efficient communication with SymbolStix®

Symbolstix Symbols, from New-2-You, are over 12,000 individual drawings/icons that range from generic symbols to ones that depict current events and people. The unique style of SymbolStix helps low-level and non-readers easily understand text and improve literacy.

More functionality

LiterAACy also includes pages for e-mail, chat, quick words, phrases and more functionality needed by augmented and alternative communicators.

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