The new Tobii Dynavox Core First pageset is unlike any others because it allows the user to start where their skills are and then encourages a systematic progression of skills, which keeps them moving forward!

What is Core

Core is a small set of basic, often used words that can be combined to create unique messages and that are systematically introduced so the user has an appropriate and manageable number of words that increases at subsequent steps, while not changing position as new vocabulary is added. Since we like the Core approach so much, we decided to place it at the center of our newest Compass pageset, the Core First Pageset.

Screendump of Core First pageset

Core First Pageset

The Core First pageset places Core at the center of this pageset. In addition, it maintains focus on the production of efficient and precise language with a variety of tools, offers a progression and customization of communication tools in addition to Core, and provides supports for independence and entertainment. The Core First Pageset teaches three things: where the word is, what the word means, and how it is used. It offers two approaches to Core: the Fitzgerald Key and the Keyboard Core; both with integrated Word Lists.

Screendump that shows Core First and the Fitzgerald Key

The Fitzgerald Key

The Fitzgerald Key is the traditional approach presenting Core words grouped together on the page by parts of speech. With this approach, you can start small and grow big (have a smaller grid full of words and increase the size to add more words, start big and fill in (have a larger grid with a few words and gradually show more words without adding buttons), or start with a full grid of words (select the grid size appropriate for the user and show all the words in it from the start).

Screendump that shows Core First and the Keyboard Core

Keyboard Core

The Keyboard Core is a new approach in which the user selects a letter to access Core words beginning with that letter. Produce sentences by combining core words with categorized fringe words in Word Lists right on the same page.  As literacy increases you can add word prediction after the second letter to expand available vocabulary.  Choose from an alphabetical, QWERTY or frequency of use layout with or without symbols on the letters.

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