Who should use the PCEye Explore

The Tobii Dynavox PCEye Explore is ideal for many types of users, for example:

  • Preschoolers can start interacting with their parents through simple eye tracking and gaze interaction activities and games.
  • Those wanting to learn eye tracking and gaze interaction.
  • Those wanting, or needing, an alternative to switch usage.
  • Parents, teachers, SLPs or anyone else who needs to know if, and where, on the screen someone is looking, ideal for assessments and proving the users cognitive and physical abilites . The built in mouse cursor visibility gives a first indication, and for more advanced eye tracking and reporting PCEye Explore can be used with Gaze Viewer, which can record eye tracking data from any application, game or video and save it out as images or video sequences.
  • Those working with literacy and reading skills in mainstream schools, as well as in special education. With the build in mouse cursor indicator teachers can see how the eye is moving as the learner reads on the screen and respond appropriately. For more advanced analysis and reports Gaze Viewer can be used to record and replay eye tracking data.

How do I click?

You perform a left mouse click by focusing your eye gaze for a predetermined number of milliseconds on an object. The length of the time, the so called dwell time, is controlled in the settings.

What software can I run?

Basically you can use PCEye Explore with any software, game or web application that only requires moving the mouse and, optionally a left click. This is however somewhat dependent on the type of software that you use. With Windows Control you can access all the functions on your PC, whereas Gaze Point only allows you to move the mouse pointer and perform left clicks.

What is Gaze Viewer?

Tobii Dynavox Gaze Viewer is an assessment tool for the SLT (SLP), teacher, parent, educational psychologist or anyone else wanting a better understanding of a user’s capabilities.

With Tobii Dynavox Gaze Viewer and a Tobii Dynavox eye tracker like PCEye Explore, you can record real eye tracking data from any application, whether from the Internet or e-books, games, movies and more.

Save the data as single images or movies, with heat maps and gaze plots, and use them to assess an individual’s physical capabilities and cognitive understanding. You can also make reports for eye gaze assessments, clinics, schoolwork, reading comprehension, clinical comprehension and more.

What is the difference between PCEye Mini and PCEye Exlore?

The Tobii Dynavox PCEye Explore differs somewhat from the PCEye Mini. Both are based on the extensive R&D of the Tobii Group, market leaders in eye tracking and gaze interaction.

Comparing the two eye trackers there are some differences in terms of the underlying technology, but more importantly also on functional and cost levels.

  • One of the most apparent technical differences is that the PCEye Explore requires a USB 3 connection to the desktop or laptop computer, whereas the PCEye Mini runs on USB 2.
  • If you are going to use gaze interaction on a screen larger than 19" we recoommend the PCEye Explore. For smaller screen sizes and for tablet use, we recommend the PCEye Mini and EyeMobile Mini.

Can I use the PCEye Explore with a switch?

Yes, if you use Tobii Dynavox Windows Control with your PCEye Explore you can use switch input.

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