Tobii Dynavox I-Series+ devices are designed with a purpose – to adapt to your needs and provide more communication independence than ever before, while standing up to the hardships of everyday life.

Loudest voice on the market

Communicate clearly, even in noisy environments. The two built-in speakers feature closed speaker boxes, EQ settings optimized for speech and a special speaker mesh that provide the highest quality sound without distortion, even at loud levels. I-Series+ devices do not contain fans, thus eliminating a potential source of noise.

Modern and built to last

I-Series+ devices are easy to clean, less prone to getting caught on things and do not draw unnecessary attention.

They feature a clean, modern design, an optional integrated eye tracker and no cables or other components sticking out. The fast, solid state hard drive (SSD) withstands impacts, and an IP43 classification means they resist moisture and dust.

Fast access

Get fast access to the Tobii Dynavox Communicator home screen – or whatever you like. Three quick access buttons on the side, two of which can be programmed, help you quickly navigate to a page, say a phrase or dial a number.  

Scratch resistant capacitive screen

Control your device with the slightest touch. I-Series+ devices feature lightweight and highly durable Gorilla Glass™. The screen also utilizes capacitive touch technology, which requires minimal muscle strength to operate.

Automatic backup

Forget about losing pagesets, files, pictures or other data. A 32 GB SD card can be automatically backed up every week with whatever information you define. It also allows you to scroll back to the last three backups, so no communication time is lost.


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