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Take control and define your path for growth

We have streamlined our Windows Control software to give you a consistent experience without confusion. All settings and features in Windows Control are gaze-enabled. This means you have the ability to calibrate as well as change dwell time, users, languages, input methodology and much more, giving you total control.

Windows Control Software comes included with every EyeMobile Plus purchase.

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Communicator 5 Software

Communicator 5 software is a versatile suite to help literate users with disabilities communicate more effectively. Designed to be easy-to-use and customize, it empowers users with tools for precise speech, e-mail, text messaging, environmental controls and more. Communicator’s suite of functions let users maintain a high-level of independence.

When you add Communicator 5 to the EyeMobile Plus and Microsoft Surface Pro tablet solution that includes Windows Control, you get a complete eye-gaze, mobile communication solution.

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