The EyeMobile Plus gives you the power to explore your world

EyeMobile Plus provides individuals with physical and mobility challenges, such as spinal cord injuries or ALS, all the necessary tools to communicate effectively and empowers them to access hands-free mobile computing. The EyeMobile Plus combines the best in eye tracking, high-quality speakers, speech recognition, switch access for scanning (or use in combination with eye tracking), and infrared (IR) control into one solution.

EyeMobile Plus is designed to drive independence

Engage with confidence

with a compact, all-in-one solution for communication and computer access
- everything you need is combined into one stylish solution

Be heard loud and clear

with two powerful, outward facing speakers that provide
the user speech optimized voice output.

Stay powered without interruption

with extended battery performance, you’ll be empowered to go further, worry free.

Connect to your environment

with integrated IR access that gives you the ability to control doors, lights,
beds, TVs, stereos, and many other smart home functions.

EyeMobile Plus and the Power to be You

An all-in-one solution

When combined with optional Communicator 5 software, the EyeMobile Plus becomes a full-fledged communication solution that gives you all the benefits of eye gaze-enabled control in one sleek, lightweight design. The bracket also lets you unlock the full potential of the powerful Surface Pro tablet with included Windows Control software.

Be heard clearly with speakers optimized for speech

The EyeMobile Plus features two powerful, outward facing speakers that provide the user with speech-optimized voice output. With this built-in speaker solution, you can engage with confidence knowing you will be heard, even from across the room. 

Go further with worry-free battery performance

Say goodbye to battery life anxiety. With the battery configuration of the EyeMobile Plus, you no longer need to worry about unexpectedly losing power, computer access, or your ability to communicate. The EyeMobile Plus bracket can sustain itself with energy for up to 4 hours and once exhausted, the bracket will use power from the tablet.  

Connect with your environment

The new built-in IR transmitter, combined with Tobii Dynavox Communicator or the included Virtual Remote software, gives you the ability to access IR devices in your surroundings remotely. Now you can choose your favorite TV program or turn up the volume to your favorite song. With the EyeMobile Plus, you can take control of devices at home or in the office like lights, telephones, TVs, DVD players, and more all with gaze interaction.

Expertise and experience you can trust

We believe everyone deserves a voice, the opportunity to gain literacy, and to achieve independence. The EyeMobile Plus gives you the freedom to explore life on your terms, without having to worry about a communication device that limits where or how you communicate. 

Purpose-built to support portable communication, the EyeMobile Plus is the innovative result of a highly-experienced team from Tobii Dynavox made up of educators, clinicians, engineers, and professionals who are passionate about empowering others to reach their full potential and maintain independence.

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