TD Snap tools

Each page set comes with an identical, free set of tools only available via TD Snap. Use as many as you like to boost communication success and meet specific needs:


Editing tool

An intuitive editing tool to help customize buttons to meet a communicator’s unique needs.


Search tool

A search bar to locate words and symbols with an easy-to-follow path to find them.


Behavior supports

A set of behavioral supports like visual schedules, timers and scripts to help prepare for anxiety-provoking situations.


Google Assistant

An integrated tool enabling symbol-supported access to Google Assistant to find information, music, weather and more with the click of a button.


A set of commonly used pre-programmed phrases to make it easier to communicate quickly during many typical daily situations.


A cloud-based resource for backing up and managing your Tobii Dynavox apps, and sharing and connecting among your communication team and the wider community.

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