Magic Eye FX

Magic Eye FX software is a fun way to begin your communication journey by developing access, communication, and interaction skills through creative play and gaming. It provides a safe and no-fail environment for early learners which makes learning these new skills exciting and stress-free. It also serves as an entry point for developing skills for eye gaze, speech, switch, touch, game controller, mouse, and keyboard inputs. Compatible with I-Series I-13 and I-16 devices as well as PCEye.


Learn eye gaze skills

Magic Eye FX gives ample opportunity to learn eye gaze through 10 fun games, all optimised for eye tracking with the new I-Series and PCEye devices.

Girl playing Color Trails game in Magic Eye FX

Level logic

Magic Eye-FX activities are grouped into 5 levels of exploration with each level introducing a slightly more advanced mode of gaze interaction and game play.

Level 1 – screen Engagement

These activities allow you to explore cause and effect. When you look, something happens; when you look away, it stops! Games include:

  • Follow Me
  • Colour Trails
Child learning basic targeting with Magic Eye FX

Man interacting with eye gaze while playing Button Balloons in Magic Eye-FX

Level 2 – object interaction

These games introduce some of the interaction methods of eye gaze such as dwell activation and targeting. You can explore how your gaze can trigger a response from the objects in the screen. Games include:

  • Flare Points
  • Button Balloons

Level 3 – region precision

These games stimulate visual attention by encouraging you to target specific areas of the screen and improve gaze control skills. Level 3 activities help to develop the targeting and attention skills necessary to achieve a robust calibration. Games include:

  • Anticipation
  • Asteroids
Asteroids game being played on a Tobii Dynavox I-Series

Girl playing Music Maker with her friends

Level 4 – active exploration

These activities are designed to promote exploration and play, encouraging engagement with a wider area of the screen. Games include:

  • Graffiti
  • Music Maker

Level 5 – controlled targeting

These activities can help you achieve greater control, a higher degree of accuracy and a more detailed understanding of the dwell and switch activation functions. Games include:

  • Gaze Paint
  • Snake
Man playing Gaze Snake with a Tobii Dynavox eye tracker


Magic Eye-FX icon

Magic Eye FX

System Requirements

Operating System

Windows 7 or 8


TD Control

Files and Formats




PCEye (with TD Control)
I-Series (I-13 & I-16)


Mozilla Firefox 31 or newer


TD Control
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