Third party app compatibility

Tobii Dynavox is committed to providing the best software to meet the wide-ranging needs of all our customers. Our premium AAC software titles — Snap Core First and Communicator 5 — are updated continuously with significant improvements and groundbreaking new features.

UK-based Smartbox Assistive Technology is the maker of Grid 3 AAC software. The company is owned by Tobii Dynavox but is currently in the process of being sold. Therefore, we cannot reliably support Grid 3 in our product development and will not pre-configure it on any new devices.   

Just like any other 3rd party software, Grid 3 can be manually installed on the Tobii Dynavox I-13 and I-16 devices; however, certain features are not compatible with Grid 3, such as:

  • Partner Window (rear display)
  • Switch ports (manual re-assigning of switch ports may be needed)
  • Infrared environmental control
  • Adaptive Buttons for eye gaze interactions

For those customers who have bought Grid 3 directly from Tobii Dynavox or any of our partners, we will of course continue to offer first line technical support for Grid 3 as we would with any third-party software we sell, answering the questions we can. For anything beyond that we will refer you to the Smartbox team

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our customer support.  


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