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There are plenty of software and web applications which work perfectly together with Tobii Dynavox products.


For more than 20 years, Boardmaker has been the go-to solution for providing symbol-based learning materials to students with special needs. Boardmaker is a complete system for delivering personalized instruction and therapy while also measuring student progress. Tobii Dynavox products work brilliantly together with simple stamping, choice making and reading activities all available in Boardmaker.


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Tobii Dynavox Gaze Viewer

Gaze Viewer is an assessment tool for the SLT (SLP), teacher, parent, educational psychologist or anyone else wanting a better understanding of a user’s capabilities.

With Tobii Dynavox Gaze Viewer and PCEye Explore or PCEye Go, you can record real eye tracking data from any application, whether from the Internet or e-books, games, movies and more.

Save the data as single images or movies, with heat maps and gaze plots, and use them to assess an individual’s physical capabilities and cognitive understanding. You can also make reports for eye gaze assessments, clinics, schoolwork, reading comprehension, clinical comprehension and more.


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Look to Learn

Look to Learn is a software package with 40 eye gaze activities designed for people starting out with eye gaze technology. The activities have been specially created to provide a fun way to improve access and choice making skills.

Each activity develops a different skill, ranging from early cause and effect through to accurate eye gaze control. The software has been created in consultation with teachers and therapists and provides the tools needed for assessment.

The 40 Look to Learn activities have been split into five key areas of learning and development:

  • Sensory – Designed to teach cause and effect
  • Explore – Engage with the whole screen
  • Target – Improve accuracy of eye gaze access
  • Choose – Develops choice making skills
  • Control Fine tunes eye gaze access


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Sensory Eye FX

Sensory Eye FX is a set of applications designed for the earliest level of eye gaze usage. The software is divided into 5 stages that function as a training ground to teach early eye gaze users the tools and methods of eyegaze.

  • Blank Screen Engagement – activities allow learners to explore cause and effect – when they look something happens, when they look away it stops – this concept is fundamental to learning gaze interaction.
  • Object Displacement – here learners may begin to gain greater awareness as to how their gaze proximity activates a response from content in a certain area of the screen.
  • Zoned Focusing – now we want learners to be able to begin to fix their gaze in order to achieve a greater level of control and accuracy.
  • Active Exploration – active exploration activities encourage learners to engage with the wider area of the screen and have fun using their eyes.
  • Controlled targeting – Controlled targeting activities can help learners achieve greater control, a higher degree of accuracy and a more detailed understanding of the dwell function.


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Timocco’s gaming environment encourages children in a secure and enjoyable environment. The games are friendly, inviting and offer age-appropriate challenges for acquisition of vital skills. Timocco’s gaming environment enhances learning and training for children in a variety of functioning levels.

The Timocco activities encourage exploration of cause & effect, object displacement and zoned focusing, while the more advanced activities aim for higher functioning level and require active exploration and control targeting.

  • Start Learning
  • Start Playing
  • Growing with Timocco
  • Tim Duet
  • Cause and Effect


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Tobii Edition Beamz Interactive Music System

Beamz Interactive Music System consists of an optional laser controller and a piece of software. It works by users breaking any of the 4 beams, either on the controller itself, or on-screen using eye gaze, to trigger an instrument.

One remarkable aspect of Beamz is the opportunity for sharing a mutually enjoyable experience with family and friends, disabled or not. Beamz multi-generational appeal brings together children, parents, grand and great grandparents in the most fun and interactive way.


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