Eye Games

We developed several free games for you to play with an eye tracker.

Eye Race

Your hands-free multiplayer game!
You can play yourself with gaze activation or compete with friends or family using the keyboard. This game is for free and to have fun with eye gaze. You also have the possibility to individualize the settings:

  • Switch on/off gaze point that shows where the driver is looking
  • Ability to change the speed unit between kph and mph
  • Ability to change the car color

Supported Devices:
PCEye Plus, EyeMobile Plus, PCEye Mini, EyeMobile Mini, Tobii Eye Tracker 4C, PCEye Explore. The game is not supported on devices where Tobii Gaze Interaction Software is installed, this means that it can’t run on the I-Series/I-Series+. The game runs only on 64 bit Windows OS.


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Tobii Dynavox Web Games

Free games to try and learn and have fun with eye gaze. You can play them online in the web browser so you can start playing directly!
For every game you also have the possibility to individualize the settings, so there are different skill levels and design options to make it a great experience for everyone.

The games can be played with Eye Gaze Mouse Over (and normal Mouse Over too!), so if you are using an I-Series, C-Series, PCEye Mini, PCEye Go, PCEye Explore or EyeMobile, you should be ready to go! All you need is to activate Mouse Emulation in Windows Control or start Gaze Point – make your cursor visible and turn off the click.


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More Gaze Games and Activites

We collected games and activities which you can play online on any web browser or with Windows 8/10 compatible devices (I-Series+, EyeMobile, PCEye Go, PCEye Mini or PCEye Explore). Please make sure to check each game’s system requirements, to be sure it works with your eye tracker. Most of the collected games are for free, so choose your favorite and have fun playing around!


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