What makes Computer Control unique?

Computer Control’s innovative design allows you to control a computer with your eyes using a more intuitive and logical interface than traditional eye control tools, which usually rely on a task bar located by the side of the screen.

Clicking, reinvented

Interaction First

Interact directly - in just one step - with the object of your choice on your desktop. This innovative method of eye control makes interaction faster and more intuitive because there’s no need to use a task bar to select a function first. 

Central Interface

Once you've made a selection, a round interface appears in the center of the screen. This improves accuracy by placing the eye control interface in the best trackable area, and also reduces eye travel and fatigue. 

Radial Menu

Each function appears in a round button surrounding the central interface. Round buttons and radial menus make it easier to select and focus on the function you want and minimize incorrect selections.

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