A powerful hub

A free, cloud-based resource for backing up and managing your Tobii Dynavox apps and connecting and sharing among your communication team, including family, educators, therapists and the communicator.

Young woman with cerebral palsy and her family work together as an AAC communication team


Safely store back-ups of all personalised Tobii Dynavox content in one place. Ensure access to all custom pages and tools for the entire communication team, anytime, anywhere. Quickly and easily setup communication boards, page sets and other resources.


Grant access to anyone on your communication team to connect and share seamlessly online, including SLTs, relatives and teachers.

Teacher and student safely store their MyTobiiDynavox progress

Easily share content between eachother through MyTobiiDynavox


Access an entire community of therapists, technical experts, and other families dedicated to communication success too. Get expert feedback, customer support and clinical best practices from a community.